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About Jackie

Jackie started working for the City of Philadelphia in the Finance department in 2006. She began doing her own taxes which expanded into doing the same for family and friends. The company grew from word of mouth referrals generated from loyal customers. When financial management and tax preparation became her long term goal, she decided to return to school an obtain her Masters in Accounting.

Since 2008, Thornton's Tax Services has grown due to the number of client referrals and for that We Thank You! 

Get your taxes done right, call JACKIE TODAY!

Reviews from current customers:

"Mrs. Thornton is a very efficient, fast, dependable and understanding person. She is very helpful and friendly to us AARP age folks. She gives discounts to us. Keep up the great work young lady. God bless you." Teresa D.

"Mrs Thornton is efficient, fast, and dependable. Normally during tax time, I wait in a cold office, pick a number and get sub par service from big name tax places. I was so glad to be referred to Mrs Thornton, she personalized my experience, took time and energy to make sure I had all the necessary information, and completed my taxes in record time. Her rates were fantastic! I would recommend her to everyone." Sherri E.

"Finally, I have found a tax accountant who makes the process easy, painless and fear-free.  

Mrs. Thornton prepared my return in record time, and even sent them off online for me--no waiting in the post office lines for me! I was very pleased with the entire process. And the fees are incredibly reasonable.

Never before have I received this kind of service from a tax accountant!

If you want a tax accountant that goes beyond competence and crunching numbers, that provides exemplary service and results, then Mr.s Thornton is the lady to call. I can't recommend her enough. I know I won't use anyone else in future!" Lutanto H.

"I would recommended this tax preparer to everyone. Very efficient, reliable and readily available. Also very knowledgeable." Allyson F. 

"Professional, knowledgable and by the book. She will guide you step by step from the simplest to the most complex return. Trust worthy and easy to work with, it doesn't get better than this! Don't tackle the IRS alone, call Thornton's Tax Services. You won't be sorry." Stacey M. 

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